Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Metallic Thread - Friend or Foe?

I find myself having been rather tardy in updating my blog recently, this has mainly been due to my possession by a sewing fiend. Due to technical difficulties (printer having a temper tantrum) I haven’t been able to do much work for ‘Lost Voices’ so instead I turned to some jewellery making. I decided to play.......nay I mean work of course, with dissolvable fabric or to use it’s technical name Solvy Vanishing Film. In no time at all a series of pencil doodles became tangible physical creations.

I shall now take a moment to tell tales of my battles with metallic thread. Both my sewing machine and I are taken in by it’s shiny promise and then find ourselves cursing our decision to ever attempt using it. I find it has a tendency to lull me into a false sense of security by allowing me a couple of minutes of free sewing and then finding itself tiring of this decides to make my life all the more challenging. I have however now sought my revenge, a dastardly plan involving my machine, dissolvable fabric and no frills embroidery thread that often gets outshined by it’s trickster cousin, so sweet revenge had by all. Simple in it’s execution I trapped lengths of metallic thread between two layers of dissolvable fabric, imprisoning it with my reliable friend embroidery thread. Not only highly satisfying to make but also quite pleased with the result!

I have also been enjoying the company of fellow tweeters in the twitterverse and thought I would finish by recommending just a small selection of the fabulous and creative fellows I have come across: @knitthecity @MollieMakes (very exciting magazine on sale from 12th May) @NurseyBangBang @Craftivists @jenny_arnott @deadlyknitshade @TheSavvyCrafter @SewCraftyFox @clarehillerby @ukhandmade @TheMakingSpot @MrXStitch (Manbroiderer extraordinaire with a fantastic website), lastly and completely biasedly @OandtheFoxes (Funny, creative and just happens to be my sister, must be something in the genes!)

Farewell and have a glorious and sunny week!