Friday, 18 November 2011

Letter Lucky Dip 3

254292 Capt M. Walker RAMC
126 I.B.G.H (B.T)
c/o 21 A.B.P.O
India Command

Dear Spike,
                   How is your ankle? Why did you not go sick with it? Don’t you trust the medical profession? If it was a sprain you could have had some local anaesthetic injected + saved yourself all the pain. Why is it that things start happening when you’re around? On second thoughts, you don’t have to tell me.
  I am glad that you have found such a nice family . Jean sounds very intriguing. Don’t tell me you are scared of a mere female. I have visions of your becoming a pukka sahib in the very near future.
I have just had a letter from home telling me that my brother, who has been in the M.E. Italy for nearly four years has arrived back in UK. It’s the best news I could have had. Now I can stop worrying about my mother worrying about my brother!


I am now the only exile of the family.
  I have been out dancing twice this week, an ‘tripping the light fantastic’ again tomorrow night. Well, it may not be light but it’s certainly fantastic. I found myself on the floor with a jitterbug fan (Gee, I nearly wrote it.) He gave me quite a turn in more ways than one! I was at a Sergeants’ Mess dance on Wednesday + was shown round the mess + bar. The whole thing was made out of packing cases the effect in ‘Ye Olde Pubbe’ style was marvellous. The upper part of the walls seemed to be pannelled. There was a lovely bar in the other room with a barrel on the counter + beautifully made high + low stools. At the side were some high backed long seats + they even had a dart board_ I nearly forgot the brick fireplace. You would have loved it.


Bertha is still here but works in the Surgical Div. now. We still share a room but I don’t see her so often now.
  I was Orderly dog last Saturday + during my tour of duties. I superintended the dispatch of a cobra. It had crawled into one of the operating theatres + when the boys had it covered, it reared up on its hind legs, its hood came out_ So did I p.d.q. Great Shakes, I didn’t like it!
  Well, this is another poor effort but you don’t seem to mind.
  I am awaiting the next instalment of your adventures. Look after yourself.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Ahoy there mateys! Thought I’d do a quick visual blog to show you some of the wonders my eyes have been gazing at over the weekend. I went off on a jaunt to the HMS Warrior and became utterly absorbed by the wonders of the rigging. My textile brain couldn’t get away from how much it looked like yarn, the images have stayed with me and I’m sure will contribute to some sort of project further down the line. Enjoy!