Saturday, 31 December 2011

Crafty New Year

My absence of late has been down to anything but laziness......I promise. Amongst other things Christmas season has been upon us (just in case you hadn’t noticed) and like a fair few of us creative folk I have started a somewhat foolhardy tradition of making all of my presents. In principle you may think this sounds like an inspired choice that can only bring joyful things to one and all, you’d be wrong. I embrace Christmas with the best of them, in fact you could say that I over embrace it and find myself disappearing in a tangle of wool and fabric. In fact it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that this little tradition could do with a bit of a rethink, next years key words will be strategy and discipline. I shall be channeling my inner drill sergeant, I have military ancestry so that should be a cinch. My creative eyes are far bigger than my two arms will allow, the sooner I start the great Christmas make the longer it seems to go on for. However I am pleased to say that it wasn’t all bad, all gifts were received with smiles and the occasional squeal, always a treat for the old ego. Let us make a date to meet here again this time next year and see if I’ve got a handle on this planning malarkey.

As a wee festive treat, hopefully, here’s a selection of what my elvish self has been up to:

With the close of 2011 fast approaching I look back on what I’ve done and for the first time in a while I feel like I can look back with a real sense of achievement. So all of you folk, old and new, that have geed me along this year, ta very much like! Hope I’ve helped a few of you folks too. As I look ahead at the shenanigans that 2012 could bring I’m feeling grand and hope you all have a good New Years. As I toast the new year along with all this excitement, as I always do I shall be slightly freaking out that with a flicker of the second hand I am suddenly in a whole different year, always does a slight number on me that does!